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More Set

More Beauty

The Set Includes:

  1. Treatment Shampoo Pomegranate – 65 ILS
  2. Pomegranate All-purpose Cream – 25 ILS
  3. Pomegranate Face Moisturizer – 30 ILS
  4. Aromatic Body Scrub (red) – 35 ILS

Special Discount when buying all items together.

$42,54 $47,27

1. Treatment Shampoo Pomegranate

Treatment shampoo with a unique complex of ingredients for nurturing and maintaining healthy looking hair. Contains hair rehabilitating proteins and pomegranate extracts that help strengthen and improve the hair’s flexibility. The shampoo adds a natural protective layer for healthy looking, flexible, soft hair that smells amazing. Contains natural minerals from the Dead Sea for strengthening and rebuilding the hair, Aloe Vera extracts, sunscreen, argan oil, pomegranate oil, rosemary, olive oil, obliphica, lavender and seaweed extracts as well as other ingredients. Compatible for all hair types including for people suffering from hair loss. Can be used on a daily basis by the entire family. The perfect hair care product. 750 ml.

2. Pomegranate All-purpose Cream

All-purpose cream, enriched with 26 minerals from the Dead Sea, revitalizes your skin.Product development involved a youthful approach, with a unique, romantic and pampering scent.Contains shea butter, almond oil, aloe vera, olive oil, avocado oil, papaya extract, carrot oil and pomegranate extract.This unique blend of ingredients prevents wrinkles while nourishing the skin,leaving skin soft, healthy, non-greasy and pleasant to touch.Contains protective oils and medicinal plants that protect the skin from environmental pollution. 100ml / 180 ml

3. Pomegranate Face Moisturizer

Light-textured, enriched with pomegranate extract. Effective in tissue regeneration, prevents wrinkles and retains moisture. Rich in vitamins and natural Dead Sea minerals, avocado, olive and almond oil, vitamins A+C+E+B5, carrot oil, lavender, aloe vera, glycerine and chamomile. Unique components combination helps remove dead cells, protects the skin from free radicals, revives and nourishes it perfectly. Pomegranate extract makes the skin healthy and provides a light and pleasant scent throughout the day. Contains UV filters for protection from the sun. 50 ml.

4. Aromatic Body Scrub (red)

Peace. Rejuventation. Relaxation. Quality products from the MORE BEAUTY series that contains a blend of pampering aromatic fats, rich in Dead Sea Minerals.Almond oil and sunflower seed oil. This luxurious combination emphasizes several main goals: removal of dead skin cells, skin nourishment, slowing down the aging process and providing an irresistible, addicting fragrance that lasts a long time. Peeling leaves a layer of aromatic moisture that energizes blood flow and provides perfect treatment for skin renewal. Particularly suitable as an anti-cellulite treatment, before suntanning, use in sauna for pampering massage. 350 ml.

Weight 4 kg

More Beauty

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